Our vision is to develop a dependable, training foundation for all program participants to become skilled, capable and qualified individuals upon re-entry into their communities. Provision Vocational Training Center (PVTC) takes great pride in building integrity into the program by including value-supported services that are taught by highly trained professionals.  With this focus, PVTC will provide a bridge not only for training and employment, but also for emotional and spiritual accountability. This focus will be supported by instituting a research component for information gathering and data calculation that will serve to evaluate the benefits and outcomes of the program model.  Get started on building a BETTER future TODAY !

Get started on building a BETTER future TODAY !


Provision Vocational Training Center (PVTC) is a non-profit corporation committed to providing innovative  as well as practical services that encompass community housing development, employment and entrepreneurship. Our core population represents a demographic that is comprised of, but not limited to,  returning citizens, veterans, the homeless, recovering persons and adjudicated youth.  These groups will receive formal training towards their National Center for Construction and Education certification in the areas of construction, janitorial service, maintenance and repair, and housing development.  Additionally, they will be expected to participate in life skills seminars and work with mentors who will guide and advise them as they move toward their ultimate goal.