Donald Pinkney and Tony Pritchette, founders of Provision Vocational Training Center, met in 2006 and shared the same vision to rejuvenate and give back to the Philadelphia community in which they live. Many people in these communities are dependent on the government and social services for basic necessities like housing and food. Often this leaves limited to minimal funds to do basic repairs needed in their homes. Pinkney and Pritchette believe that reclaiming their neighborhoods by repairing and upgrading housing in the community is best achieved by training community members to be self-sufficient.  Towards that end, Provision Vocational Training Center is committed to be a “total community resource” to area residents, church members, and  future leaders of tomorrow. With this goal, Provision Vocational Training Center will provide an environment  for learning and personal empowerment that will contribute to developing a legacy of community involvement through effective leadership.